Real men.

Real men drink beer. Or whiskey.
Real men know how to ride.
Real men play rugby.
Real men go fishing with the guys.

Real men hold the door open.
Real men pull out the chair for mama.
Real men know how to treat a lady right.
Real men give an example to their sons.

Real men dress up and drink tea with their daughters.
Real men change diapers.
Real men cook dinner.
Real men sparkle. (Google it. Sigh.)

Enough. I’m so SICK of hearing about real men. All men are real, and real men do all these things.

Real men are selfish.
Real men are kind.
Real men are abusive.
Real men are loving.

Real men are no less real because Jesus was real.
Real men are not made real because they strive for better.
Real men are real even when they’re selfish bastards.

Reality is not the problem. It’s time to retire that word.

Some men drink wine coolers or espresso martinis.
Some men are recovering alcoholics.
Some men feel self conscious without a shirt on at the beach.
Some men are bored going fishing.
Some men don’t want to be dads.
Some men have lower libidos than their wives.
Some men get frustrated with desk jobs.
Some men are grossed out by mud.
Some men remember to put down the toilet seat.
Some men have mental illness.
Some men choose to remain both unmarried and single.
Some men cook the best steak you will ever eat.
Some men are vegans.
Some men can’t speak in public.
Some men are excellent preachers or teachers.

Kind men are sometimes selfish.
Selfish men can make the right choice.
Abused men often become abusers.
Chauvinist men can learn differently.

Talk about men. Talk about people.


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