Crap I used to say.

One day, sometime unknown, you might look back at crap you used to write and wonder, "What the hell?" When that day comes, you set your entire blog to 'admin only viewing', and debate whether or not to just delete the whole damn thing. Maybe you decide not to delete, for right now, because sometimes … Continue reading Crap I used to say.


Screen time, parenting, depression…and parent shaming.

A particular topic has come across my path several times in the last week, not because of some article or meme gone viral but from people I know in several different countries and locations who have shared their point of view. Topic: limiting screen time for kids. I get it, I do. To the parents … Continue reading Screen time, parenting, depression…and parent shaming.


I just endured a panic attack out of nowhere in the middle of a family dinner after a half day of work. I'm making myself write this. Why? Why force it? Because I've started 26 blog posts in the better part of the last year. 26. Unpublished. Unfinished. I start writing, and then I start … Continue reading Sit.